YOUR Relationship Will Still Fail

One of the most common issues in our contemporary society today is failed relationships. This is ranging from casual relationships down to marriages, which is evident with rate of divorce in recent times.

When we talk about why relationships fail, you will get to understand that one person at some point felt he is being taken for granted or not loved enough.

What used to be fun became all boring and tiring, with one party trying to neglect the others emotional needs. As frustrating as this may sound, the unending frustration keep building and the party will not even notice because the person affected is not complaining so life is good.

Now here is the deception!!

first of all; if you know your family will not accept him or her due to racism or tribalism, end the relationship now.

let’s get to it

The feeling that nothing can go wrong is the first fault in the relationship: for the fact that some persons are so good to you to the point no negative emotions were displayed, you got comfortable to the point that you do not take him serious anymore. In one of my videos on Youtube, I explained some of the factors resulting to lack of interest in the relationships. And we got to understand that, once a partner begin to joke about important things to you, and even laugh at those things when you try discussing it, chances are that she is no longer into you and so, she is no longer into you and that is why she is probably making a joke out of everything you said.

The deception increase when we think we can fix it.

Do not forget that it is easier to build a child than to repair an adult. You can’t just fix people. These guys already made up their minds on what they want, who they want and when they want him. You will only be a pun in the game; remember pun will always be sacrificed to save a knight.

So if you are wondering why your current relationship will fail; well, for a start, you are making the same mistakes you made in the previous one.

Just same old story you have being served for years, you got same message and still remain. (Please do not mistake this statement for comparing your partner to those better than him) but if you noticed you are not wanted. Leave!!

You do not have to be too scared to get dumped or even dump yourself in the relationship.

No when to say enough!!

Unfortunately some may read to this point and still remain in toxic relationships because nothing will make sense to you once you are used to enduring rubbish.

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