Why You Must Not Allow Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues among young people in recent times and the interesting thing about this killing machine is the fact that everybody wants to talk about it while nobody actually listen.

I am someone that literally over think things. It might seem like something small and should not be a big deal but then my mental self will magnify the situation. This life of an over thinker; not just an over thinker but I can get very critical too. This life had made me a regular visitor to depression.

As a person who has a lot of people around but yet cannot point to one that I can confine in. it is a problem for me to bottle up emotions both negative and positive.

I remember how I was trying to make friends with someone back in the day, his name is Dominic. We got pretty close to the point that I thought I could share my pain and probably get some calm words but then I go disappointed when he don’t even remember the things I say to him.

Ohk! I thought it was a gender problem; most men don’t really like talking about it so I tried making friends with a lady.

Well, for a fact, she is a nice person but the only challenge is that she can be insensitive and make it all about her. For three years I was trying to figure out if I am the problem or it’s the world that had gone crazy.

I meet with people who want to talk, and I was shocked to actually discover that a lot of people smiling on the street are literally losing it, they just have to keep their cool.

The first truth I would like to establish before I continue is that depression is real.

Most people especially in recent times are tired.

Before we blame these on poverty; I hope you know that the rate of suicide in Africa is not close to the stats in Europe and America.

We are in a generation where tolerance level have dropped, where the value system has been destroyed in quest for fame and wealth.

In Africa, when depression finally holds a person; we demonize it, while in Europe and America they talk about meeting a therapist.

First you need to understand that depression is a product of failed deadline.

When you set goals, standards or whatever you call it, and you cannot meet you; you may not get depressed but you will be concern. Now imagine if every day you keep punishing yourself for not meeting up deadlines.

We live in a generation where nothing or close to nothing can be done without money; unfortunately, a hand full of persons have these in excess.

So when it comes to how I break free from depression

I had to stop putting myself under pressure especially for people: you know, no matter how much you do for people, it will never be enough in fact you may not even get a “thank you”. Its so bad that appreciation is now a problem. So I had to stop pressuring myself into making these other people in the name of family and friend happy. At some point I just want all that to go away.

I had to reduce my standards: my thoughts and imaginations can be wild so I had to learn to look at life differently. This one is not very easy but it can help you get out depression

Regular activity: staying in one place alone can make you think of how to end this world. Just try and move out and find something to distract you.

So for me I try to get busy and gradually it worked

You will be fine

Just try and talk to someone

Even when you know they may not listen

Just try and say something

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