How To Write Significance of The Study

For every step of a project research, students have found it difficult to understand the linkages between these steps ranging from introduction, background of the study, problem statement, objectives of the study, research questions, hypothesis and most importantly the significance of the study.

You need to understand that none of these steps is more important than the other: this means that if your background of the study is not correct, your problem statement is definitely not going to work out for the study, in the same way, if the problem statement is not correct (in most cases, no problem identified) it will be difficult to articulate the objectives of the research. So you must understand that in your research, everything step must correlate with the other and have a smooth flow.

Significance of the study reveals the relevance of the research and to whom the problem identified has affected, and to whom the recommendations will be needed.

It is often segmented into the nature of relevance and to whom it will be relevant to; in most cases it is presented as: to Government/ policy makers, public, Academia/researchers and nongovernmental organizations. It also sometimes shows how the research will form part of the existing literature for further studies.

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