How to Write Proper Research Objectives in a Project Work

With the knowledge on how to write a proper introduction and a good statement of problem, you will need to understand that none of this section is independent of itself. Remember we said the introduction give birth to the problem statement. In same way, the problem statement produced the research objectives.

Please note that, since these sections of the research is inter-related, if you introduction is not properly organized, it might be difficult to link it to the problem statement. And just like you already know, the introduction and problem statement combined is expected to help you navigate through the macroeconomic variables to be used for your data analysis.

Research objectives should be related to the statement of the problem and should not be too far from the problem identified and it should summarize what you hope to achieve by the end of the study. For example, if the problem identified is the poor fiscal discipline in the allocation of resources and the operation of ineffective tax authorities in Nigeria, the main objective of the study could be to identify the extent to which effective tax policies has brought about economic growth and development in Nigeria, in order to find ways of improving it.

Writing your research objectives clearly helps to:

  1. The study Focus: here you have to state the main focus of the study
  2. Variable identification: you need to understand that, while you state your objective, your objective is a product of your problem statement. That is to say, you do not just randomly select variables and source data for analysis; you need to properly understand the variables surrounding the problem identified.
  3. Indicate the various steps to be involved: in the objective, you differentiate the various types of analysis either by checking for negative and positive relationships or looking out for the nature of relationships among variables.
  4. Avoid collection of any data that is not strictly necessary: in this case, you do not just avoid data that is not necessary, you avoid selecting variables that are not related with the topic of discuss.

When it comes to objective of the study, they are grammatical mistakes that some researchers make and it is important you avoid such mistakes so that you it doesn’t look like you have issues with English language.

Your objectives should be stated using action verbs that are specific enough to be measured, for example: to examine, to compare, to calculate, to assess, to determine, to verify, to calculate, to describe, to explain, as the case maybe. Avoid the use of empty non-active verbs such as: to appreciate, to understand, to believe, to study, this is because such verbs are not estimable.

Points to note:

  1. Make sure your dependent and independent variables are clearly linked in the objectives.
  2. Do not use indeterminate non-active verbs.
  3. Do not have too many objectives; three objectives can do just fine.
  4. Objectives should not be presented in form of questions


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