All Physics formulas you must know for 2021 JAMB exam.

1. One Dimensional Motion

2. Parallelogram Law of Vector Addition

3. Newton’s Law of Motion, F = m × a

momentum, P = mv

impulse ft = mv – mu

Where m = mass and v and u are the final

and initial velocities of a body.

4. Work, W = Fx

W is work, F the force and x the distance

5. Transitional KE = ½mv²

Rotational KE = ½Iw²

It is the moment of inertia of the object

and w is angular velocity

6. Gravitational PE = mgh

Elastic PE = ½KL²

Where K is the spring constant and L is the

Length of the spring

7. Power, P = W/t

Power, P = E/t

1 horse power (hp) = 726 watts

8. V = IR

V= voltage, I current and R = resistance


P= V²/R

P= I²/R

9. Resistance of resistors in series

Req = R1 + R2 + R3 + ……

Resistance of resistors in parallel

¹/Req = ¹/R1 + ¹/R2 + ¹/R3……

10. Relative Deviation = Mean Deviation /

Mean value × 100%

11. Average speed = distance/time

12. Velocity

13. Acceleration

14. Momentum

15. Newton’s First Law

16. Impulsive force

17. Vertical Motion

18. Work Done

19. Hooke’s Law

20. Density

21. Pressure

22. Pascal’s Principle

23. Heat Change

24. Boyle’s Law

25. Amplitude Formula

26. Capacitance

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