NYSC Redeployment is the same thing as NYSC relocation, it means the moving or transfer of corps members from the state which he/she was initially posted to another state after being undergone the necessary process.

Some Corps members feels everything comes to an end after receiving their call-up letter. That’s not the end, you can basically apply for relocation based on certain grounds.

Grounds for Relocation
There are three (3) solid ground which you can base your redeployment on if you want to do so, below are the grounds:-

1. Marital Ground
2. Health/ Medical Ground
3. Security Ground

1. Marital Ground
This ground is for married women who wish to serve in the same state/place which their husbands live.

Before you can successfully secure redeployment based on this ground you should be able to provide some essential documents to NYSC for the genuinely and shows that you are truly married.

These are the documents :
Marriage certificate
Newspaper Change of Name
Husband’s ID card (International passport, Voters’ card or Driving license)
Husband’s domicile letter
Utility bill
Wedding pictures

2. Health Ground
This ground is basically for those that have critical ailments that they are treating and they need to continue their treatment with regular medical checkups. This can only be done if they are close to their respective doctors.

Before you can successfully secure redeployment based on this ground, you must have gotten your medical report from either Military or Government hospital.  I can help you get legit medical report.

3. Security
There are some northern states which are affected by the problem of Boko Haram and another insurgency.

Any corps members posted to these affected can successfully secure relocation.  The affected states include Bornu, Adamawa, Gombe, Yobe, and some other Northern states in that region.

NYSC relocation is categorized into two. Applying within the Camp and Online Application.

1. Applying Within The Camp
Applying within the camp is the most preferable option when seeking relocation. During your 21days stay in camp the form will be given to any interested corps members who requested it, this is done after the swearing-in ceremony.

It will be announced, so you will have to attentive and alert to know when it will be available for collection.

How This works
After collecting the redeployment form, you are to fill it and state the reason you want to relocate.

After filling the form, you also need to write a letter. (Application for Redeployment).

The next stage is the submission of the form, letter, and other evidence. Feel relaxed and wait for the internet.

2. Online Application
NYSC gives opportunities to corps members who decided to relocate even after missing the opportunity of applying within the camp.

Below are the procedures for online application:

Visit the NYSC portal
Sign in with your email and password; same as the ones you earlier used in registering on the portal.
Click on “Relocation”
Fill in your details appropriately into the fields provided.
Wait for notification either by SMS or email on your application status

If your application is approved, you’ll be notified by SMS or email as well.

If your application is approved, here’s how to print NYSC Online Relocation and Redeployment Letter:

Visit the NYSC Portal
Log in with your details
Select “Manage Relocation”
Make payment
Print your payment receipt. It’s your evidence of payment in case any unexpected issue arises latter
After payment, you’ll see an option to print redeployment/relocation letter
Print the letter and make a copy
Take it to your new State of deployment.

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