5 Biggest Mistakes Graduates Make After NYSC

Hello, it’s me, Humphery. I want to show you the biggest mistakes graduates make after
After the completion of their one year National service programme, most graduates are usually
scared of not having a source of income.

  1. Staying at home till you get a job
    Most graduates believe they can make legit money only by getting a job. They have forgotten that
    skills pay a lot. Most employers even prefer using graduates with skills to those that lack the
    necessary skills needed for the job. If you have skills that employers need, they will take you
    regardless of your certificate.

    I (Humphery) acquired a digital marketing skill after my NYSC, now I make up to N200,000 per month
    working on my own. Several companies that need my skills knock at my door but I usually turn down
    their job offers. My reply is always, “thank you for your concern, I don’t need your job…if I change my
    mind I will let you know”.
  2. Desperate to make quick money
    The quest to make quick money can be the biggest mistake you would ever made. If you think about
    how to make fast money, it will be difficult for you to be productive and useful to the society.

    Get-rich-quick scheme is never a good idea, and if care is not taking it will lead you into illegal money-
    making acts which the consequences is fatal.
    Making money takes time, and you need to be patient too. You can start a small scale business and
    grow it. There are a lot of profitable businesses you can start with low capital.
  3. Settling for any kind of job
    Don’t be desperate to get a job. If you do, you may forget your worth, and settle for any kind of job that
    comes your way which unfortunately is no job.
  4. Getting married
    Most female graduates are eager to jump into marriage immediately after NYSC so as to secure
    financial security because they believe the man will cater for them. While this might work for you, it is
    the cause of marriage failure in several homes.
  5. Not planning to get a job at all There are some graduates who depend on their parents’ wealth. They believe they can never go hungry because their parents have a lot of money. With this type of mindset, they won’t know what it takes to make money and can be able to mange their parents’ business. PLEASE NOTE THIS ARTICLE WAS SHARED BY HUMPHREY CEO @NYSCINFO.COM……..Your contributions or questions are welcome, let’s hear from you in the comment section below.

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  1. You got it! that is what majority of the copper believe in, especially the female copper, they believe that after their service is marriage and they don’t care about looking for job so that they can become someone in life, they turned themselves to a mockingbird, all though I am neither a copper nor a graduate, I am o’ level student but I have some people that have such experience

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