Top 10 worst courses to study in Nigeria

Could there be some courses that you would say are the top 10 useless courses in Nigeria?

Immediately we published a list of hot cake courses to study in Nigeria, several persons who’re seeking admission into the higher institutions have asked us to know at least a list of 10 worst courses to study in Nigeria.

As always, we’re geared to keep stay guided in order to have a better tomorrow so you don’t end up spending your time and resources on some useless courses in Nigerian universities.

I know a lot of persons will be angry to see the list of courses included on the top 10 worst courses to study in Nigeria, be it the bitter truth, they’re on the list because they’re not marketable courses in our country Nigeria. Although such courses can have a better value in other developed countries.

It is true that some people will advise you to go for the courses you have a passion for as this will be the best course to work out for you. As this might hold some fact, it does not tell the whole picture, no one would like to study a course that does not attract employment.

We all know that there’s never a guarantee for employment after graduating from the tertiary institution but is very pertinent to go for the courses that will definitely attract employment opportunities in the long run.

Let’s take a look at some of the courses you should never study at the university. On this very post, I want to make the list not more than 10 top list of worst courses in Nigeria. In my next post, I will go a bit deeper to bring you the top 20 worst courses in Nigeria.

Top 10 worst courses to study in Nigeria

  1. Horticulture
  2. Classical studies
  3. Arabic and Islamic Studies
  4. Religious Studies
  5. History
  6. Sociology
  7. Music
  8. Sports
  9. Library and information science
  10. Political science

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Now that you have seen the list of worst courses to study in Nigeria, I believe you will have a better choice of taking the right step to avoid had I known and start now to note courses that are not worth studying. You can refer to them as the list of irrelevant courses to study at the Nigerian universities.

The list of worst courses to study as seen on this post are solely the output of my personal opinions and findings conducted both offline and online.

If there are other courses you think should be on this list of useless courses to study in the university kindly make use of the comment box below to share with everyone reading this post

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