Notice! To all N-power beneficiaries both 2016 and 2017 batch.


Life is simple, what you tag yourself determines how people price you.

Npower beneficiaries are not serious at all. Nigerian youths in general are the worst. I have been saying it and I will continue to reiterate that Nigerian politicians have zero plans of bettering the lives of the youths. To be brief, the youths join them in playing politics with their future. The youths celebrate the ones who have determined to perpetually make them HUNGRY IN THE MIDST OF PLENTY.

When any politician brings up any small thing that puts Peanuts in the hands of the youths, they call him a saint and heaven sent. Forgetting that whatever the politicians give to them are mere crumbs from the national cake from which the selfish leaders get excess bites as well as reserve for their unborn generation. THAT SAME CAKE WE HAVE EQUAL OWNERSHIP OF. Because the youths have refused to think beyond immediate gains, they have been made to believe that corruption is a system of government where whoever assumes a leadership position decides what gets to the rest, from the resources owned by everybody. The youths now believe that what comes to them from the government is a favour and not a right. What happened to equity? The youths have become cowards that they are too afraid to question the same leaders they campaigned for, elected and sometimes, rigged into power. The politicians on the other hand now believe that it is a case of WHO CAN FIGHT THE gods. 

Now, even an appointed minister tosses the youths anyway she likes simply because the youths are completely docile, irresponsive and inactive. It is the duty of the youths to make the government sit up. If you are waiting for your parents to come and speak for you, I’m sorry for you. Arise and ask that lawmakers’ entitlements be cut down. Arise and charge the Senate to probe the Minister in charge of Npower. Arise and put it to the government that a prince does not beg for bread in the palace of his father. That the youths deserve permanent jobs and not#30,000 empowerment schemes. Make the government restless until the voice of the youths begin to count in Nation building. If they refuse, form your own political party and unseat them. It is your RIGHT not a PRIVILEGE to be part of the sharing process of resources generated in your own land. A government that promised to create 3million jobs annually, suddenly turns around to tell the youths not to rely on them for job creation and the youths are silent. Perhaps you think they would be paying you from their pockets if jobs are created. Even the so called empowerment scheme, they have decided to cut short with a flimsy excuse that they can’t sustain it if it’s made permanent. WHO TOLD YOU THAT? What are they doing with Your resources and all the money they borrow? These loans they will never pay back, they borrow and share among themselves to create luxurious lives for themselves and their families. In the end they will be gone when the effects of these irreparable loans will arise. The present youths will become leaders then and face the repercussions of their silence and docility of today. If you keep on keeping quiet, if you Npower beneficiaries agree to be laid off, nothing will ever come to you again. They made it clear to you that the 2016 Batch were not laid off at the due time because it fell within the period of elections. Does that ring a bell? This goes to prove my earlier assertion that Npower was not designed to help the youths but to boost their political record that they empowered 500,000 youths( who later went back to the streets almost useless). If you kick against the planned dismissal of the first Npower batch in a strong way, they will realize that you have realized yourselves and no longer ready to take it just as you see it. Facebook is a strong tool for agitation. Speak with one voice, that you deserve better treatment than what you are getting. A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Go on Twitter and make posts that question the leadership system and treatment of the youths in Nigeria. Tag all the vibrant nationalists that you know as well as Government agencies that fight corruption. If you can’t write one, copy one and paste or share. THE FUTURE OF THE YOUTHS IS IN THEIR HANDS.

Greetings with Love

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