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JAMB Physics Questions 2020 | Check Physics Likely Questions to Come out.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts entrance examinations for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

One of the reasons why students find physics very difficult is that cramming the formula alone will not help. You need to understand how the formula works and whether it is applicable to the questions asked.

All candidate need to understand that Physics requires accurate thinking and focus. For example, if a question is asked that a car starts from rest, it simply means that the initial velocity equals zero (U=0). You don’t have to be given the initial velocity in the question. Just apply the appropriate equation of motion and you are home and dry. Now when a car comes to rest, what will be equal to zero? certainly the final velocity.

Now, if you have ever wondered how to get Jamb past questions and answers in Physics for free, this article is for you. I have made the Jamb Physics past questions available for download.

Before I give you the link to download the Jamb Physics past questions, let me quickly introduce you to what to expect in the Jamb Physics this year…

What Jamb Set in Physics

You don’t need to read everything in your Physics text book. See the areas Jamb focus on Below….Expect questions from the following areas:

JAMB Physics number of questions – Now you might also want to find out how many Number of questions to be set in Physics You will be required to answer a maximum of 50 questions.

Sample JAMB Physics Questions

1. A satellite is in a parking orbit if its period is

A. More than the period of the earth

B. Equal to the period of the earth

C. The square of the period of the earth

D. Less than the period of the earth

2. What does not drop through an open umbrella of silk material unless the inside of the umbrella is touched

A. Osmotic pressure

B. Capillarity

C. Surface tension

D. Viscosity

3. A bead traveling on a straight wire is brought to rest at 0.2m by friction. If the mass of the bead is 0.01kg and the coefficient of friction between the bead and the wire is 0.1, determine the work done by the friction

A. 2 x 10-3J

B. 2 x 102J

C. 2 x 10-4J

D. 2 x 101J [g= 10ms-2]

4. The stylus of a phonograph record exerts a force of 77. x 10-2N on a groove of radius 10-5m. Compute the pressure exerted by the stylus on the groove.

A. 2.42 x 109 Nm-2

B. 4.90 x 108Nm-2

C. 2.45 x 108Nm-2

D. 3.45 x 108Nm-2

5. A piece of stone attached to one end of a string is whirled round in a horizontal circle and the string suddenly cuts. The stone will fly off in a direction.

A. Tangential to the circular path

B. Perpendicular to the circular path

C. Towards the centre of the circle

D. Parallel to the circular path.

6. A test tube of radius 1.0cm is loaded to 8.8g. If it is placed upright in water, find the depth to which it would sink.

A. 25.2 cm

B. 2.8 cm

C. 28.0 cm

D. 5.2 cm [g = 10ms-2 density of water 1 000kgm-3].

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7. A 90cm uniform lever has a load of 30N suspended at 15cm from one of its ends. If the fulcrum is at the centre of gravity, the force that must be applied at its other end to keep it in horizontal equilibrium is

A. 20 N

B. 30 N

C. 60 N

D. 15 N

8. On top of a spiral spring of force constant 500 Nm-1 is placed a mass of 5 x 10-3kg. If the spring is compressed downwards by a length of 0.02m and then released, calculate the height to which the mass is projected

A. 2 m

B. 8 m

C. 1 m

D. 4 m

9. A hose of cross-sectional area 0.5m2 is used to discharge water from a water thank at a velocity of 60ms-1 in 20s into a container. If the container is filled completely, the volume of the container is

A. 600 m3

B. 6 000 m3

C. 240 m3

D. 2 400 m3

10. A force of 100N is used to kick a football of mass 0.8kg. Find the velocity with which the ball moves if it takes 0.8s to be kicked.

A. 100ms-1

B. 32ms-1

C. 50ms-1

C. 64ms-1

11. The equation X15062 => Y150 63 + -1 + energy, represents

A. Alpha decay

B. Beta-decay

C. Gamma decay

D. Photon emission

12. The ice and steam points of a thermometer are 20mm and 100mm respectively. A temperature of 75 degree celsius corresponds to Y mm on the thermometer. What is Y?

A. 100 mm

B. 70 mm

C. 80 mm

D. 60 mm

13. When a yellow card is observed through a blue glass, the card would appear as

A. Black

B. Green

C. Red

D. White

14. In a nuclear plant, the final mass of the products is 6.32×10^-27kg, while the initial mass of the reactant is 6.30×10^-27kg, the energy released in the process is (speed of light in vacuum 3.0×10^8m/s, 1eV = 1.6×10^-19J)

A. 11.25meV

B. 11.25 MJ

C. 12.25MJ

D. 12.25meV

15. A 1.5kg stone was thrown vertically upward with an initial velocity of 42m/s, What is the potential energy of the stone at the highest point reached.

A. 3.15J

B. 13.23J

C. 26.46J

D. 63.00J

16. When two objects P and Q are supplied with the same quantity of heat, the temperature change in p is observed to be twice that of Q. The mass of P is half that of Q. The ratio of the specific heat of P to Q is

A. 1:4

B. 4:1

C. 1:1

D. 2:1

17. The following statements were made by some students describing what happened during the determination of the melting point of solids

1. The temperature of the solid was constant until melting started

2. The temperature of the solid rose until melting started

3. During melting, the temperature was rising

4. During melting, the temperature was constant

5. The temperature continued to rise after all the solid had melted.

6. The temperature stopped rising after all the solid had melted. Which of the following gives correct statements in the right order?

A. 2, 4 and 5

B. 2, 3 and 6

C. 1, 3 and 6

D. 1, 3 and 5

18. A silver spoon and a wooden spoon are both at room temperature. The silver spoon is cooler to touch because silver

A. has a greater density

B. can be polished

C. is a less absorbent material than wood

D. is a better conductor of heat

19. A long jumper leaves the ground at an angle of 20 degrees above the horizontal and at a speed of 11m/s. How far does it jump in the horizontal direction?

A. 0.38m

B. 7.49m

C. 8.45m

D. 0m

20. The thrust due to hydrostatic pressure alone on the bottom of a fish tank which is 60cm x 40cm when the depth of water is 30cm is?

A. 8N

B. 12N

C. 720N

D. 24N

21. The acceleration due to gravity

A. increases with increasing altitude

B. decreases with increasing altitude

C. increases with an increase in the square of the altitude

D. is not affected by the altitude

22. A nail is pulled from a wall with a string tied to the nail. If the string is inclined at an angle of 30 degrees to the wall and the tension in the string is 50N, the effective force used in pulling the nail is:

A. 25N

B. 25 SQRT(3)

C. 50 N

D. 50 SQRT(3)

23. The electromagnetic waves that are sensitive to temperature changes are

A. Ultra-violet rays

B. Gamma-rays

C. Infra-red rays

D. X-rays

24. A boy of mass m, suspended from a spring, is put into simple harmonic motion. If the motion has amplitude A and the spring constant k, the maximum potential energy of the mass is


B. 0.5 kA^2

C. MkA

D. kA^2/m

25. A transformer connected to a 240V a.c, source has 500 turns in its primary winding and 25 turns in its secondary winding. Calculate the e.m.f induced in the secondary winding

A. 9.6 V

B. 12.0 V

C. 120.0 V

D. 52.1 V

26. The fundamental frequency of vibration of a sonometer wire may be halved by

A. doubling the length of the wire

B. doubling the mass of the wire

C. reducing the tension by half

D. reducing the absolute temperature

27. A car of mass 800kg attains a speed of 25m/s in 20 secs. The power developed in the engine is

A. 25 x 104 W

B. 50 x 104 W

C. 25 x 106W

D. 50 x 106 W

28. When the brakes in a car are applied, the frictional force on the tyres

A. is a disadvantage because it is in the direction of the motion of the car

B. is a disadvantage because it is in the opposite direction of the motion of the car

C. is an advantage because it is in the direction of the motion of the car

D. is an advantage because it is in the opposite direction of the motion of the car

29. If the stress on a wire is 107NM-2 and the wire is stretched from its original length of 10.00 cm to 10.05 cm. The young’s modulus of the wire is

A. 5.0 x 104 Nm-2

B. 5 .0 x 105 Nm-2

C. 2.0 x 108 Nm-2

D. 2.0 x 109 Nm-2

30. A solid weigh 10 .00 N in air, 6 N when fully immersed in water and 7.0 N when fully immersed in a liquid X. Calculate the relative density of the liquid, X.

A. 5/3

B. 4/3

3. 3/4

D. 7/10

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