English Language(Essay writing)

You are required to chose one from one from this zone. The most one is to chose the formal letter,
your next choice is informal letter and if you cant find that, you should go for article or letter of publication,
this should your last resort, because you cant find formal or informal letter.

Below are the format for writing essay writinng

(1) Formal letter:

if for example you are required to write a letter to the commissioner complaining about lack of good infrastructure in your area

Writer’s address should be here

Date should be here

Title in capital letters

Recipient address should be here

Dear Sir/Ma or any salutation should be here

The body of the letter should be here. please avoid wrong spellings, else you marks willl be deducted. this is the cause of most failure in english

Yours faithfully,

Informal letter or semi formal letters:this is a kind of letter that are written to friends & family.
This requires only you own address at the top right corner.

Writer’s address Here
Date Here

Dear name(e.g joke here)

The body of the letter should be here

Yours Sincerely,
Name Here

Article writing: this is a write up on a general interest topic. Suppose you are ask to write an article for publictaion in a newspaper on the frequent power interruptions in your town and attendant hardship experienced by your people.

This sis not a letter, so dont write addressTopic: POWER INTERRUPTIONS: OUR NATIONAL CURSEIntroduction:1 paragraph

Discuss the general services rendered by the electricity agency. Have they performed it well or badly.

Body 1: (First paragraph of body)hardship one:heat, mosquitoes and malaria infection

Body2: (second paragraph of a body)

Life is dull: no music, no television,no ironing, no business for barbers, computer operators, etc

Body3: third paragraph of the bodyArmed robbers have chance to operate

Conclusion: what is overall impression

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